The Planes of Existence and My Work

In the same way that we are divided in different planes and each plane is unique in it’s characteristics and composition, I have divided my body of work into different layers that, combined contain the full essence of my philosophy.

Each art piece is a snapshot of a specific cluster of energy in a particular plane and in a random timespace state.

The Awareness Eye

Body Of Work

The iconic eye symbol represents the awareness of these planes, dimensions and quantum states. It is this awareness the one that allows us to understand and travel back and forth between these different layers.

Alfie Robles

Tanja — The Material Plane

The Tanja Series is formed by pieces and symbols that are somewhat easy to understand or to connect with tangible visual elements that we are familiar with. A wing, an orb, an eye, a skull…

The pieces under this Series contain a heavy symbolism that evokes the elements required for the foundation of an aligned individual.

The main focus of this series is to talk and represent the journey and the struggles towards material and financial success.

Alfie Robles

Maeum — The Astral/Emotional Plane

The Maeum (마음 / mɛɯm) Series is formed by pieces and symbols that have a higher abstract treatment. They often seem amorphous and more liquid than the other series.

In my philosophy, everything contained in the Maeum layer is similar to the liquid state of the things we know.

The pieces under this Series represent emotions, experiences, thoughts and sensations all travel together in a constant flow of energy.

The main focus of this series is to talk and represent the connections and interactions between our experiences and our emotions so that we have a better understanding of how to improve our emotional intelligence.

Alfie Robles

Infiniti — The Spiritual Plane

The Infiniti Series is still in the process of research and discovery. It aims to have the highest level of abstraction of them all and contain a message that is almost instinctive and purely energetic.

The main focus of this series is to talk and represent the spirit of the humanity and the intricate connections between individuals through what we often call “the collective consciousness”.

Portrait Series 010

Humanoids — The Traveling Guides

The Humanoids Series is formed by pieces that contain abstract versions of energetic beings that have the ability to travel between planes and carry messages.

The main focus of this series is to talk and represent those people in our lives that often create milestones that change our lives in a way or another. More often than not, they unintentionally will do or say something that will shift the way our lives move.

The existence of these beings is crucial to our reality, since it is them who will guide us in our journey and will help us get the best or worst of it.