Kitchen Face-Lifts for All Budgets

For those who don’t have a cool 100 grand to spend on a kitchen redo, there’s hope. Here’s how kitchen designers from across the country would breathe new life into a tired kitchen with considerably less cash.
If you have $1,000
A small budget, well spent, can still have a big impact.
“I recommend that you make the cabinets functional by adding rollouts to your existing cabinets,” said Robin Rigby Fisher, a certified master of kitchen and bath designer in Portland, OR. “The Container Store sells these at a very good price. You want to make the kitchen functional first.”
Fisher also suggests adding new cabinet hardware. Just be sure to measure the distance between the existing drilled holes and buy the same size replacement pulls.
Absolutely no cash to spend on a kitchen redo? Don’t despair. Brady reminds homeowners: “De-junking is free, and a good cleaning goes a long way, too.”Read more: Yahoo News
Source:Yahoo News

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