We Are All Layers

We all are multilayered beings. Our existence is divided in multiple planes and each plane contains an important part of our whole self.

Our consciousness is the combination of all our parts existing in different planes and I believe that the planes that contain the most important parts are:

TANJA — Physical Plane
This plane contains the visible reality, the tangible world around us and is the first level of the nest. It vibrates with the lowest frequency of the three, which creates denser (solid) clusters that are harder to integrate together.

MAEUM — Astral/Mental Plane
This plane combines the emotions and the thoughts in one realm and it’s the second level on the nest. Its vibration frequency is higher and lighter than the physical plane. It behaves more like a liquid that carries the clusters around like a sea. These clusters are far more ethereal and are easily bent, blended and melt together to create larger and more complex ones.

INFINITI — Spiritual Plane
This is the third and highest level of the nest and is where our soul or higher-self lives. It has the highest level of frequency of the three and it is the most abstract of them. Mostly scattered and less sequential seeming.

Given the entangled nature of these planes, whenever one part of us in one plane triggers an action, it generates an equivalent change in their connected clusters in the other planes, forcing a realignment of them and changing the state of our consciousness.

When we think of a sunny and calm beach, we trigger an exchange of energy between planes and, depending on our own perception of beaches, the energy will vibrate at a slower pace (we relax) if we like them or our energy will vibrate at a higher pace (we stress out) if we don’t.

The same principles can be applied when we trigger an action that will affect another individual.

When we shake someone else’s hand, we create a realignment in the other person’s planes and, depending on their perception of the experience, their energy vibration will slow down and become more harmonious (affection/comfort) or it will go higher and more unstable (annoyance/discomfort).

It’s worth mentioning that these interactions not only can happen in the physical plane, but in the other two as well. Let’s remember that we are all part of the same field of energy, so a change in our personal field will ultimately create an impact in the overall field and inevitably affect others, similar to the way a spider web works, where if there’s a vibration in one side of it, the waves will travel and make other parts of it vibrate at a different frequency. Probably this being the concept behind the butterfly effect as described and studied by the chaos theory.

By understanding these basic concepts and these interactions, we can have a good foundation for better understanding how it is that every action we do affects not only our personal state but everything around us, including other individuals